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Better safe than sorry

If you are like me, I feel like we are all bout ready to get back to normal if there is such a thing. I see the need to try and continue to to be safe and at the same time we must protect our business. I always say better safe than sorry. I believe we can get our businesses up and running safely. This is very possible if we listen to the experts, look at the information logically, and act responsible

We have been servicing some of our larger offices that have had to stay open. They are running at a reduced capacity so the time we normally spend is less and therefor we can direct our efforts to sanitizing only the common areas and the offices that have been occupied that day. This is done with a little help from our customer by just asking employees that have been in the office that day to put a post it on their door (Simple). We have not had to charge our customers extra money for this service as mentioned it is offset by the lesser amount of time we spend due to the number of employees actually in the office. As more employees will eventually start to come back to work. we will have to discuss a fair rate for our services. This extra service will eventually be discontinued, but the pies of mind it gives our customer is priceless.

Our sterilizing services is very important and we treat it as such. We have multiple layers of sing offs that are preformed in order make sure the work is getting done and done right.

We use the best equipment as well as the best possible disinfectant. We mainly use Hypochlorous acid which is a very safe disinfectant that is many times more effective than bleach. I will try to post some information on this soon, but feel free to look it up it is very amazing stuff and it is all natural.

So if you are anxious to get your business back up and running, but worry about the current situation with this virus please give us a call we will work with you to get the right plan in place for your business. We want you to not have to worry about doing the right thing because of the cost. We will give you the best price possible without sacrificing quality

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