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Carpet Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Carpet cleaning is not a easy task and very few people know how to clean carpets like professionals. Here, we will discuss about some carpet cleaning tips which will surely help you to make your carpet like before.

Despite your optimal efforts towards cleanliness, your carpet will eventually become the victim of spills, wine, pasta, pet feces and whatever is on the bottom of your shoes. Apparently, there always comes a time where you realize that vacuuming can no longer restore its clean appearance. There are some indicators of the need of home cleaning which are: when the carpet loses its color, the carpet is matted and feels sticky, when the carpet is filled with dust storm and it released when you run across the room, crayon marks from toddlers and many more.

So, whenever you face a stain, you start scrubbing the stain with the sponge. But do yourself a favor and take some time to attack on the spot because the right strategy could mean the difference between spotless carpet and a stain that lingers forever. Many homeowners believe that cleaning carpet is the process of moving furniture and waiting for the fibers to dry. But the carpet cleaning does not have to be difficult. Today we will walk you through indeed different methods to clean different types of stains.

Before getting to the tips or home remedies, there are some universal rules apply for carpet cleaning:

1. Clean the stain as soon as possible- the foremost step is to get to the stain before it sits around. Otherwise it will leave the mark forever.

2. Blotting should be your next step- most of the people start scrubbing the stain in order to clean. But one should always start with blotting through sponge or cloth to pull out as much as liquid possible. This process will reduce the size of stain.

3. Use less ingredient as possible- people take out the cleaning kit to remove the stain while it’s ideal to use dish soap or baking soda as a cleaning product. This will reduce both the drying time and the hazard of staining your carpet.

4. Dry it properly- after the cleaning process blot the carpet with a towel thoroughly. Beside this you can use hair dryer or fan to speed the process.

Now these simple tips will make carpet cleaning so much easier:

1. Try shaving cream- No! We are not kidding. I know that no one would have thought that shaving cream can remove almost every type of stain. It turns out that apply the shaving cream directly on the stain and let it sit around for 30 minutes. Afterwards blot it away with a dry cloth and finish it up by spraying vinegar and water solution; then wipe the solution with a cloth.

2. Pull out chewing gum in a minute- well this is the story of all the houses, unintentionally we step in chewing gum out on the street and tracked that gross on to your carpet. Well this is very simple to pull out that chewing gum, head towards the freezer and grab some ice cubes. Then rub those cubes to gum at least for 30 to 40 seconds. Once the gum is frozen, lift it up with finger tips and cut the carpet strands close to the chewing gum.

3. Salt: in case of ketchup spillage- one day you are eating sandwich and suddenly some ketchup has spilled on the carpet. So in this case you are required to act quickly because once the sauce dries up, it's almost impossible to get rid of that stain. Firstly, sprinkle some salt on that area and let it absorb the sauce for some minutes before vacuuming.

4. Grease Vs Dishwasher Detergent- the best way to clean the grease is to use two drops of dish washing detergent in a cup of water. It will cut the grease thoroughly just the way it does on your dishes. You can pour the solution in to a spray bottle and spray it on the spot. In case of larger stains you need to do this multiple times then blot it up.

Author: Ravindra

Source: articlesbase.com

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