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Office Moving Tips

When you are moving your office, the priorities of an office move are very different from a domestic move. The most important thing is to the planning. You should start planning your move a few weeks earlier and also prepare your office staff for the move. While relocating your office, make sure that your activities are not disturbed badly. When the move is planned properly, working day of the resources will not be wasted.

From where to start

You can’t do an office move by yourself so find an office relocation firm for your move. Most of the office relocation firms will manage the move on weekends to ensure that your precious time is not wasted.

Make sure that your relocation firm is professional and can manage the electronic equipment and office furniture during the move.

It is better that you make a floor plan for both your employees and heavy equipment before the move.

Take Measurements

Before moving to your new office, it is important that you take measures of the available space. It will help in making the floor plan and also will ease the setting of some heavy equipment you might have in your office.

Gain approval from your senior members

Do your homework properly and present the floor plan to your senior members in a meeting for suggestions. Although you have done all the work by yourself, but this meeting will engage them in the process and they will feel themselves valuable.

Ensure the connectivity of a new internet connection at your new office

An internet connection has now become a necessity for business. A little disturbance in the internet connection affects the routine work badly. So make sure that before the arrival or your staff, you got this issue covered.

What to do when planning is done:

Send copy of floor plan

After the floor plan has been approved by the senior members, send a copy of the floor plan to your employees so they would know about the new layout and sitting plan of their office. Also give the layout to your relocation company so they can set things accordingly.

Get rid of junk

Get rid of the things you don’t want to take to your new Office. Take relocation as an excuse to improve your office equipment. Involve your employees in the relocation process. If some staff wants to help in the moving, give them little tasks. Don’t make them lift heavy things which might be painful afterwards. You can tell them to pack their drawers and files in a box.

Hire a computer specialist

If you have a computer specialist of your own, remind him of his responsibilities during the move, this will help in making sure that all the computers will be reconnected and functional after the move.

If there is no computer specialist in your company, you can ask the removal company the solution. Some removals companies have their own in house specialists. They can also recommend you some specialist if they don’t have one.

The Relocation Day is Here …

On the relocation day (when it is not a holiday) you can give your staff a day off. This will decrease the crowd in the office and the removal company can do its work in a better way.

On the moving day, there will be a lot of people coming inside your office. Take special care of your valuables and confidential documents. Let the removal company do their work. Worrying about things is natural but don’t be over conscious about the safety of your equipment.

Author: Eva Cyrus

Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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