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Selecting the Right Janitorial Services

Janitorial services will keep your office or commercial establishment spic and span. Here are some things to think about.

Want to find the right janitorial services for your place of business? There are multiple things to consider when hiring a cleaning crew to tackle the tidying of your office or commercial establishment. While there are lots of considerations, there are some things that are “must haves.” You must have a clean place of business and you must have a trustworthy and competent cleaning crew. Here are some things to think about:

Must haves: Clean office or commercial establishment: There are several reasons why you must have a clean place to work in.

  • Customers: Customers and clients will judge your competency by how the interior and exterior of your facility appears. If it is slovenly and disorganized, they will doubt your ability to be competent in other areas. If it’s a place that sells food, they’ll be afraid to eat there, for good reason. If it’s a day care center, they won’t want to leave their youngsters in your care.

  • Employees: No one wants to work in a pigsty. Working in a dirty environment is hazardous to morale.

  • Productivity: Even if working in a home office, the space must be neat and tidy or productivity will decline. When you can’t find things and feel buried in muck, productivity dries up.

  • Trustworthy and competent: The crew must be trustworthy and competent or things will turn up missing and the job won’t be done right. Before hiring anyone, get references, make sure the janitorial company is insured and bonded and try them out before signing a contract.

Considerations: These are parts of the deal to consider and are not one-size-fits-all for every organization.

  • Weekly/Daily: Do you want your janitorial crews to come in every day or once a week? This will all depend on your budget and what you need to have done.

  • Chores to be done: Do you want the bathrooms cleaned, the carpets vacuumed, the trashcans emptied and plants watered? Do you want the yard mowed and routine maintenance and repairs taken care of? Or do you just want a weekly overall cleaning? These are all items to discuss with your cleaning crew as well as your staff. Will your staff members be willing to empty their own trash cans or will they get mad and look for other jobs?

  • Type of facility: There will be different tidying chores to be done for schools , law offices or restaurants. Make your own list of necessary tasks and compare it to what the janitors offer.

  • Green cleaning: Do you want a company to use environmentally friendly products or does this matter to you? Every company is different in terms of their desire for eco-friendly products.

  • Will you supply the cleaning products? Some business owners prefer to provide the cleaning supplies while others would rather have the janitors bring their own. This will affect the price tag and is a wise point to survey janitorial companies about.

Hiring the right janitorial services for your company will make a big difference. Interviewing several crews after getting referrals will be one of the steps toward getting the right cleaners on board. Pondering all considerations will solidify the decision.

Author: Andrew Stratton

Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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